Volunteering at Leukaemia Foundation

Our volunteers have been helping to beat blood cancers since the charity was established in 1975.

Their support is invaluable because we don’t receive any ongoing government funding and so rely completely on the generosity of individuals, communities and organisations to help us provide patient support and invest in research. The tireless work of our volunteers is vital in helping us support and care for patients and families affected by blood cancers, including leukaemialymphoma and myeloma

If you volunteer with the Leukaemia Foundation you will be making a positive difference to the lives of patients with blood cancer, as well as to our research to find improved treatments and cures. Your time, skills and technical knowledge are highly valued and can be of enormous benefit to your community. Volunteering also means you’ll meet new people, gain experience and have fun! 

Our volunteers are treated with the same respect as the paid members of our team and are offered positions that best recognise their skills and personal preferences. Volunteers are provided with support and training to perform their chosen tasks. All our volunteers are required to attend an orientation session, featuring an organisational overview and an introduction to volunteering.